Commissioned housing-related support and accommodation services

Wakefield Housing Related Support Pathways

If you require supported accommodation or support to help you keep your existing accommodation you may be referred into a Housing Related Support Pathway.

For further information on the pathways and the providers please download the Pathway and Eligibility Information.

Should you wish to be considered for a referral into one or more of the pathways please contact one of the chosen pathway provider or the Single Point of Access at the Housing Needs Service.

Local Connection Criteria

To be eligible for a Housing Related Support and Accommodation Service from a provider in the Wakefield District  the applicant must meet one of the following eligibility criteria and be able to provide evidence:-

  • Been resident in the district for six continuous months or more
  • Been resident in the district for a period of three out of the last five years
  • Family connections in the district that have been resident for over five years.  A family connection is partners, parents, adult children, siblings.  Also step parents, aunts, uncles can be considered provided there is sufficient evidence for close links in the form of frequent contact, commitment, dependency
  • In paid or self-employment or have a confirmed offer  of employment within the district 
  • Care Leavers
    • where are care leaver is aged under 21 and normally lives in a different area to that of a local authority that owes them leaving care duties, and has done for at least 2 years including some time before they were 16 the young person will have a local connection
    • where a care leaver is owed leaving care duties under 23S of the Children Act 1989 they will have a local connection to the area of the children services authority that owe them a duty. 
  • Is owed a statutory homeless duty by Wakefield Council
  • Former asylum seekers – local connection falls to the local authority where they were last provided with section 95 accommodation (accommodation provided by the Home Office.)  Accommodation provided in Accommodation Centres does not create a local connection.
  • Special circumstances  – For example, access to medical services that are only available in the Wakefield district

Ex-prisoners and detainees under the Mental Health Act 1983 – detention in prison or hospital does not create a local connection