What is Choice Based Lettings

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) was introduced in Wakefield in 2007, providing applicants with a more flexible and customer-centred method of rehousing. The aim is to allocate empty homes in a way that offers choice, meets people's needs and promotes the development of sustainable and balanced communities.

Unlike the traditional 'waiting list' system, where housing officers allocated vacant properties to applicants, CBL works through a choice - based system. The CBL service provided by WDH is called Homesearch.

Available properties are advertised online and in WDH Service Access Points throughout the district. You can see the full range of available properties and can place expressions of interest on any home to which you are matched. Eligibility criteria are applied to each available property so you can use these to guide your choice.

How it works

To register for CBL you must:

Available properties are published weekly. Once a registered member, you are able to place an expression of interest on up to three properties per week. The weekly cycle begins each Wednesday and bids can be made anytime from the cycle's commencement to its close at 4pm the following Wednesday.

For further details on Homesearch, including membership and how properties are allocated, please see the Homesearch information guide.

Wakefield Council has nomination rights to a percentage of all properties allocated by Registered Providers of Social Housing. To allow the council to do this we have a housing allocations policy that is administered by WDH on behalf of the council. All properties made available to council nominees are advertised on Homesearch therefore to access such properties you must be a member of Homesearch.