Help with an empty home

Getting empty houses back into use

An empty house is a waste of a home especially at a time when so many families are looking for somewhere to live. They can become a problem for owners who are not sure how to sell them or rent them out. An empty house can also create lots of problems for the people who live next door.

Advice on bringing an empty house back into use

We offer advice to help you:

What we can do if an empty house is causing a problem

An empty house can sometimes create problems such as;

  • Fly-tipping in the garden
  • People getting into the house
  • The poor condition of the house is damaging the house next door

The government has given us powers to take action if an empty house is causing a problem. We will always try to work with the owner but if a house continues to cause problems, where necessary we can serve the owner with a legal Notice requiring them to carry out works such as;

  • Repairing gutters and drains
  • Leaking roofs where they are causing a problem to neighboring properties
  • Board up doors and windows to stop people getting in
  • Clearing up fly-tipping or dangerous materials left in gardens
  • Rebuild or demolish houses that are dangerous

Interest Free Loans

Repairing your empty house can sometimes be quite expensive if you are looking to sell it or rent it out.

We can offer you an interest free loan up to £5,000 to help pay for these repairs. The loan is run through the Leeds City Credit Union who will help set up a payment plan that you can afford. You can repay the loan over 2 years.


If you own an empty house or want to report an empty house that is causing a problem, please call on 01924 306665 or email: