I pay for my care

Am I a self-funder?

If you pay for help to meet your care and support needs, but don’t get any financial assistance from us to do this, then you are likely to be a self-funder.


What does the Care Act mean to me?

The Care Act gives Local Authorities new responsibilities to help everyone who has care and support needs, regardless of an individual’s financial position. 

From April 2015, this includes:

  • Providing information and advice about ways of preventing, delaying and reducing their care needs
  • Providing information and advice about care and support services to help people make the best choices,
  • Implementing new rights for carers, putting them on the same footing as the adults they care for
  • Offering support for self-funders in assessing, planning and managing their care. 

Major Reforms for 2016 delayed.

The next reforms under the Care Act due to come into force on the 1 April 2016 have been delayed. This includes:

  • care accounts,
  • a lifetime cap on care costs
  • increase in capital threshold for people in residential care and own their own home
  • changes to the appeals process.

The Government has announced a delay for implementation until 2020.  The delay will allow time to ensure that the infrastructure in terms of people, resource and development cost is ready to introduce the new system and to look at what more can be done to support people with the costs of care.

So what is an Individual Personal Budget (IPB)?

If you have care and support needs, then you will be able to have an assessment of your needs against the National Minimum Eligibility Criteria. If your needs are assessed as being eligible for care and support services, then we will work out how much we believ we would have to pay to provide the necessary care and support services. This is your Individual Personal Budget (IPB) amount. You will also be able to have a financial assessment to check that you are a self-funder, and not already entitled to support towards your care and support costs.

You are able to purchase more services to meet your needs, than the amount in the IPB if you choose to do so. However, only the amount in your IPB would be counted towards your lifetime cap.

Who do I contact for an assessment?

If you require further assistance, support or an assessment please contact Social Care Direct using the information to the right of this page.

More information and advice on local services available to help you meet your needs can be found on the Connect to Support website.  


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