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If you need care and support services, your needs will be assessed by us. We will work with you to see whether your needs qualify for help from a local authority. The way this is done will change under the Care Act.

Local Authorities look at needs using the Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) criteria. Most councils, including Wakefield, meet needs assessed at substantial and critical levels, but this can change from council to council.

From April 2015, there will be a new national minimum standard for care and support, so all councils will have to meet the care and support of someone who meets it. The government believes that this new level will be similar to the substantial and critical levels of the FACS criteria.

The new needs assessment must put you at the heart of the process, and consider what you need.

If you are currently getting care and support and your needs meet the new minimum level, you will still get this support until you are reviewed under the new process.

If you have a carer, they can also have an assessment of their needs, using slightly different standards (which are set nationally).

For more information download the information from the Department of Health.

More information and advice on local services available, in your local area, for you and any carer you might have can be found on our Connect to Support website.

Who do I contact for an assessment?

If you require further assistance, support or an assessment then please contact Social Care Direct using the information to the right of this page.


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