Health and Wellbeing Board

Improving Health and Wellbeing Together

We want people in Wakefield to have healthier, happier and longer lives with less inequality. To do this people living and working in the district need to work together. The Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Board brings together key organisations to oversee the plans for improving the health and wellbeing of the people in Wakefield.

The Board uses information from people living and working in Wakefield for its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment of the main health, wellbeing and social care issues in the District. They have produced a Health and Wellbeing Strategy for improving the six health and wellbeing priorities in the district shown in the picture below. 

The board are focussing on 4 priorities: Giving Every Child the Best Start in Life; Strengthening the Role and Impact of Ill Health Prevention; Creating and Developing Sustainable Places and Communities; and Ensuring a Healthy Standard of Living for All.

Public Health report cartoon

Why not come along?

The Board meets every other month and members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend. Take a look at what the board have been discussing, details of the next board meeting and what they will be discussing.

If you require further information you can contact:

Esther Ashman – Head of Strategic Planning, NHS Wakefield CCG

Telephone 01924 317652, Mobile 07507 845470


Tara Trayler – Strategy and Partnership Manager, NHS Wakefield CCG

Telephone 01924 317631

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