Drugs advice and services

The harms caused by drug misuse are far-reaching and affect lives at every level.  In 2015-16, around 2.7 million (8.4%) of 16-59 year olds in England and Wales reported using a drug in the last year.

If you are concerned about your own, or someone else's drug misuse you could visit:

Inspiring Recovery

Inspiring Recovery is a free service available to anyone in the district over 25. It offers various services including:

  • Information and advice

  • Interventions on site and in the community;

  • Wellbeing and healthcare,

  • Harm reduction interventions,

  • Needle exchange,

  • Group work,

  • One to one appointments,

  • Drug and alcohol detox and prescribing

  • Shared Care services across the district working with local GPs providing interventions in the community

  • Specialist Outreach Services and Workers

  • Specialist alcohol team

  • Links to the criminal justice system

  • Peer Mentors

Inspiring Recovery’s details are:

Inspiring Futures

A free service available to families, carers and anyone in the district up to the age of 25. It offers:

  • Advice and support for young people who are worried about drug and/or alcohol misuse
  • Family support through one – to – one interventions and bespoke group work including parenting programmes, and information & advice sessions. 


0300 123 1912

Useful resources 

National helplines

NHS Choices and FRANK also offer information about drugs

NHS choices website