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This is my first ever Annual Report and I hope you enjoy it. We decided to try and do something a bit different this year and create an Annual Report for children and young people in the form of a graphic novel.

We thought it would be interesting to do a story which showed what public health is and why it’s important and how it’s changed over the last 70 years. We also wanted to celebrate the impact that the NHS has had on health since it was created in 1948.

Of course our health and wellbeing isn’t all about the NHS, as the novel demonstrates, and this is also acknowledged by local children and young people. As part of the research for the graphic novel we interviewed nearly 250 Wakefield children about what health means to them.

The results were fascinating and demonstrate a very broad view. For example, as well as talking about the ‘usual’ health issues of being active and eating healthily, children also described how spending time as a family helped keep them healthy and the negative impact on wellbeing of the long hours their parents were working.

The story also touches on some of the themes that are covered at school in relationships and health education lessons. We hope that it will be a great resource for children and teachers to draw on to bring some of those issues alive.

Anna Hartley
Director of Public Health

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