Dementia Diaries

Watch videos recorded by people living with dementia about their experiences of living through lockdown.

Resources for people affected by dementia from BAME groups – these are not available in translation

Meri Yaadain has published a series of leaflets and posters to give advice and support during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Connecting people, connecting support

A space where people with dementia, family members and supporters can come together and explore ways of living well with dementia.  Check in for new resources each week!

Distancing with Dementia

Distancing with dementia is a new website resource created by the Dementia Change Action Network:  The website includes ideas for ways to stay connected and active without leaving home.  You can submit your own ideas too.

Dementia friendly postcard to help highlight the danger of scams in relation to coronavirus. 


What is dementia?

'Dementia' is used to describe a group of related symptoms caused by damage to the brain, whilst dementia is more common in older people; it is not an inevitable part of ageing.

The symptoms depend on the particular form of dementia but include memory, thinking, language, understanding and judgment.

Signs and Symptoms

The following signs could be the early symptoms of dementia:

  • struggling to remember recent events, but easily recalling things that happened in the past
  • struggling to follow conversations or programmes on TV
  • having problems thinking or reasoning
  • feeling confused even when in a familiar environment

If you have concerns visit your GP, this will help you get the right treatment and support so you can live well for longer.

Dementia Friends

Anybody can become a Dementia Friend; it's just about understanding a bit more about dementia and the small things you can do to help people with the condition. This could be helping someone find the right bus or being patient in a till queue if someone with dementia is taking longer to pay.

Visit Dementia Friends or email

Dementia Friendly Communities

Wakefield has already committed to the social movement that is Dementia Friendly Communities and is recognised as 'working to become dementia friendly 2014/15'. 

This achievement is as a result of many businesses, organisations and groups that have come together to pledge to make that difference and become more 'dementia friendly'; making simple adjustments to remove barriers for those living with dementia.

Examples of what organisations in Wakefield have already achieved can be found in the Working towards a Dementia Friendly Wakefield booklet.

Interested organisations and businesses should contact Wakefield Dementia Action Alliance at; you could be awarded with a 'working to become Dementia Friendly' recognition logo and become a member of Wakefield District Dementia Friendly Community.

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