What are adults and older people services?

Adult Social Care gives extra care and support to people who need it to manage their lives and be independent. This includes older people, people with a disability or long term illness, people with mental health problems and carers.

Adult Social Care looks at what the person needs, the services we offer or funds available, to let you to buy your own care and support.

It includes:

  • residential care,
  • home care,
  • personal assistants,
  • day services,
  • aids and adaptations
  • personal budgets.

Our main aim is to make sure you, as an adult or older person, in Wakefield:

  • Live independently and stay healthy
  • Maintain your living circumstances
  • Play an equal part in your local community
  • Enjoy the best quality of life.
  • Are able to have choice and control over your life.

If you think you need a service contact Social Care Direct 0345 8 503 503, your first point of contact for social care services, or if you have any concerns about the safety or well-being of an adult or older person. Social Care Direct is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

See the other pages in this section for details of how Adult Social Care is provided in Wakefield.

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