Why should my business join the Safer Places scheme

Apply to become a Safer Place

Or phone 0345 8 506 506 - 24-hours 7, days a week

Safer Places Schemes are developing all over England through the goodwill of businesses, organisations and the staff working within them.

Joining the scheme draws appreciation from vulnerable people, their families and support workers and from the public.

Your business would receive positive publicity by demonstrating that you exercise social responsibility. All Safer Places within the district are listed on the Wakefield Council website.

Map of Safer Places

How can my business join the Safer Places scheme?

Your business/organisation is welcome to join the scheme if your property is:

  • open to the public and has the appropriate public liability insurance
  • accessible, safe and comfortable
  • staffed by at least 2 people at any one time
  • and has reasonable opening hours.

Apply to become a Safer Place

If you are or want to become a Safer Place you can request a physical information pack.

Information within the pack (including short film clips on a DVD is suitable for staff training - contact us for more details.


For a limited period, training can be delivered on site. This training is delivered by enthusiastic volunteers who are living with learning disabilities and dementia supported by a support worker.

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Safer Places scheme
Safer Places scheme
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