Safer Places for people with dementia

Map of Safer Places


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The Safer Places Scheme is a voluntary scheme, in which certain businesses and public buildings have agreed to assist vulnerable people, if and when anyone comes to them in a confused or disorientated state. Safer Places are identified by the Safer Places sticker on the window.

When you apply you will receive a Safer Places Card with names and contact numbers of up to three people who care about you. You should take this card with you when you go out.

When you show the card to the shop assistant – the assistant will allow you to sit until you feel well enough to leave; or the assistant can phone a person named on the card to come and assist you. If necessary, the assistant can call an ambulance or the Police.

The scheme is aimed at improving your confidence to remain active within the community. Safer Places are there to help you if you experience difficulties.

Please view the short film clip for an explanation of how the scheme works; and apply for free membership today.

Herbert Protocol

West Yorkshire Police has signed up to the Herbert Protocol to enable family and friends to put systems in place to allow for early intervention when loved ones go missing.

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Safer Places scheme
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