Shared lives

Sharing really is caring

Some people in communities across the district need more support to live a full and active life. Shared Lives Carers open their homes and hearts to help them achieve this.

A paid way of life

Depending on the needs of the person you support, and the type of care you provide, you could receive a weekly allowance of £214.50 to £629. You also benefit from generous tax arrangements.

Who can be a Shared Lives Carer?

Whatever your background. Whatever your age, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We just need caring people.

You don't need qualifications or experience, just the right attitude and willingness to support vulnerable people to live a full and active life.

Whether you live in your own home or rental accommodation, as long as you have enough room and a spare room you can be a Shared Lives Carer.

Helping someone else thrive

You will be opening your home and sharing your life, to help someone else thrive in theirs. People in the scheme can need support for a number of different reasons such as:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Being an older person

The level of support can also vary, it could be anything from simply providing a sense of belonging and community, or emotional and physical support, to help with day-to-day living.

You will be helping provide just a little bit of support so they can live a fuller and happier life.

Ensuring the right fit

We consider our matches very carefully, the scheme selects, approves, and matches your interests, lifestyle and hobbies to ensure the best fit and experience all round.

Flexible around what you can offer

We know different people can offer different levels of time and commitment, which is why there is flexibility in the types of care you can offer, including:

  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Regular respite
  • Emergency

A rewarding choice

Whilst you'll be making a difference to someone else's life as a Shared Lives Carer, it'll also bring so much to your life too. Hear from some of our carers here.

Make the next step

For more information and an application please email or phone 01977 722254 for an informal chat.

You can also find out more about Shared Lives nationally at:

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Wakefield Shared Lives Service
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