Learning disabilities

There are three Community Teams for Learning Disabilities in Wakefield. They work together to provide social work and community nursing support to adults, and young people over 18, who have a diagnosed Learning Disability.

The team provides assessment and manages care to adults who have a learning disability.

The aims of the three teams are to:

  • Make detailed assessments looking at the needs of services' users and carers.
  • Give the appropriate services so people can develop skills and live independently, including setting their own budgets.
  • Provide community nursing at level 1 of the Learning Disability pathway and work in partnership with primary and secondary health colleagues.

The Community Learning Disabilities Team use person-centred planning. This lets the service user choose the things they want to do, including working, leisure and social activities. Person-centred plans belong to the service user and are shared only with the people they want to share them with.

The first point of contact for any social care service is Social Care Direct. The team will pass your details to the right service. Telephone number 0845 8 503 503

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