Hear from our Shared Lives carers

Here's what our own people have to say about the Shared Lives service, and the benefits to being a Shared Lives Carer:

"The best part of been a Shared Lives Carer is seeing the person/persons you are supporting grow within themselves to achieve things in their lives - whether it be a day to day task or a dream they have always wanted to carry out."

"Being a Shared Lives Carer is the most rewarding job I have ever done I can't ever see myself doing anything different."

"You get so much out of been a Shared Lives Carer and the support by the shared lives team is excellent."

"The Shared Lives team have been very good at supporting me to become a Shared Lives Carer."

"I would absolutely advise on becoming a Shared Lives Carer. It's a great way of working from home, giving something back, and if you've got some time and energy – go for it!"

"Shared Lives has enabled us to continue caring for a young adult in a nurturing environment that he is familiar with. We have more confidence for his future because of Shared Lives."

"We were concerned that our young person would need extra support for many years to come. Shared Lives provided that wrap around service."

"Shared Lives have bent over backwards to accommodate our young adult. We would like to thank everyone involved for their help and support."

Watch what our carers have to say

You can also watch some videos to hear some of our carers share first-hand about their experiences, and how they find sharing their home with vulnerable adults.

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Holly has started her own Shared Lives blog which you can view here.

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