Help for rough sleepers

The legal duties to assist rough sleepers may not always extend to the Council providing accommodation. It depends on the individual circumstances of each person. However the Council does provide the following range of services to try and help rough sleepers in the district.

For members of the public that are concerned about someone sleeping rough and would like them to be connected to the local services a reporting service is available via Streetlink. Reports can be made at any time online or telephone 0300 500 0914. Alternatively contact can be made direct to the Homeless Team or Rough Sleeper Support Worker during office hours.

Wakefield Council's Preventing Rough Sleeping Model

We have developed a local response to implementing the "No Second Night Out" principles within the Wakefield district. 

It aims to identify and help new rough sleepers off the streets so that they do not fall into a dangerous rough sleeping lifestyle and also work with longer term rough sleepers to ensure that they have had an opportunity to resolve their homelessness.

Details of how to rough sleepers can join the model are available from the Homeless Team or the Rough Sleeper Support Worker. For more detailed information please see the service information leaflet.

Severe Cold Weather Provision

During periods of severe weather the Council has funded Wakefield Baptist Church to open a night shelter. When open, the shelter can be accessed from 8pm to 8am. The church provides a hot evening meal, mattress and sleeping bag, shower, clothes washing facilities, and breakfast. Some clothing and toiletries are available to keep subject to availability.

The night shelter is at Wakefield Baptist Church, Belle Isle Avenue, WF1 5JY (opposite the Bus Depot on Barnsley Road). Details of when the shelter is open are sent by email to a distribution list which includes organisations that work with and assist homeless people.

Availability of the shelter can also be checked by contacting the Homeless Team or if it is outside office hours by contacting 08458 506 506.

Other services and organisations in the district that help rough sleepers

Other organisations in the district provide a range of services that rough sleepers can benefit from. These services are varied and may frequently change therefore please refer to the organisations website listed for specific information on the current service provided.

Community Awareness Program

Wakefield Baptist Church

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