Carers Assessment

If you are aged over 18 and care for someone, you are entitled to a carers' assessment.

Carers assessments are free and will consider your needs as a carer and any impact caring may have on your life. It gives you the opportunity to discuss your situation and think about plans for the future.

The individual that you care for does not need to have a social worker, receive any care or support, or be known to social care. You can have an assessment in your own right.

It is your decision whether you have a carers assessment or not.

The assessment will include a conversation about what is happening in your life and about the care you provide now and future plans.

Following an assessment you may be provided with practical suggestions and advice or signposted to services and groups that may be able to help. Some people may be eligible for some funded support from the Council. You may wish to discuss for example ideas/options for a break from caring.

Please note that not all services are free.

You can ask for an assessment at any time.

How to get an assessment

You should speak to the social worker dealing with the person you care for if they have one.

Otherwise contact Social Care Direct

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