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Support for Wakefield District independent care sector during Covid-19

It has been the sincere aim of all partners in Wakefield District to recognise the extraordinary contribution of our independent care sector colleagues in addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to do all in our power to support and sustain the work that they do to take care of our most vulnerable residents and service users.

In particular, it is vital to consider the financial impact of the pandemic on care providers’ ability to continue to deliver their services both now and in the future. To that end, Wakefield Council has so far committed a £2.4m package of financial relief to the care sector.  This includes support for increased costs (grants towards PPE, staffing, cleaning, enhanced rates); loss of income cover (empty beds in care homes, domiciliary care and supported living payment on commissioned care and cover of cancelations) and, alongside Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group with NHS Covid-19 funding we have provided further support to sustain system response incentives (enhanced bed rates for hospital discharge, incentives for weekend domiciliary care package pickups).

This financial support has been bolstered by a further £3.5m as Wakefield District’s share of the £600m Infection Control Fund for the care sector, which has been distributed over June and August 2020.  Please see details of how the first instalments have been allocated within the sector. 

We are also committed to protecting the longer term sustainability of the care sector, recognising that the impact of Covid-19 will have consequences into the future.

Please see the Wakefield District’s response to the Department of Health and Social Care request for reassurance around our support for the care sector.  

Please see supporting letters from Healthwatch Wakefield and the Independent Sector Liaison Group that represents care providers in Wakefield District.