Adaptations services - essential information

If you or your child have a disability or a long-standing illness, which stops you or your child from carrying out everyday tasks in your home the Adaptations Service may be able to help you/your child.

The service can:

  • Give advice, provide equipment and / or adapt your home to help you
  • Advise you or your child on moving to a more suitable home
  • Offer advice about financial help with major adaptations through a Disabled Facilities Grant or other funding alternatives.

Who can we help?

In order to receive help from the Adaptations Service you/your child must:

  • Have a substantial and permanent disability
  • Be a permanent resident in the Wakefield area
  • Find normal daily living tasks more difficult to carry out

Getting in touch

You, a member of your family or a friend can contact the Adaptations Service directly with your consent to request an initial assessment:
Tel: 01977 722 220
Fax: 01924 304544

Information will be taken which will help us to make sure help goes to those people who need it. We do this by:

  • Working out who needs help most urgently
  • Having a list of rules which help to decide what help we can offer

Assessing you or your child’s needs

Before you can receive this service, we will carry out a functional assessment of your needs.

We will visit you or your child at home and talk to you or your child about what you or your child find most difficult. We will have a look at your home and see if we can help. This is a functional assessment

You or your child may be asked to show us how you or your child do things such as getting upstairs, getting in and out of a chair or getting in and out of the bath.

Our Disability Officers and Occupational Therapists are trained to work with people with a wide range of disabilities. They consider the physical, psychological and social needs of the people they visit to try to enable them to remain as independent as possible in their own homes.

WDH tenants

If you or your child are a WDH tenant our Adaptations Service can carry out major adaptations to your home, for example; stairlifts and through floor lifts (vertical lifts). Your landlord would support building works such as replacing the bath with a shower and installing ground floor facilities etc. Your landlord must support all work. ​

What happens next? 

After you or your child's assessment, the member of staff who visited will discuss the assessment and the details of you or your child's circumstances with their manager. This ensures everyone is treated fairly and equally. 

If we are unable to adapt your home, you may need to consider moving into a property that is more suited to the individual needs of you or your child. To help with this we have a Special Needs Housing Officer. 

There is also a Special Needs Housing Panel and Mental Health Panel. These panels may be able to help gain additional priority to re-house through the Housing Register. Following a functional assessment, our visiting staff can provide a report to support your move to more suitable accommodation.


We are establishing an approved list of contractors to carry out adaptation works, funded by the Disabled Facilities Grants, for residents in privately rented or owner occupied properties.

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