Wakefield Stars

Wakefield Stars shine

Wakefield Stars is a pavement stars scheme located in Wakefield City Centre.
The scheme aims to recognise current or past residents and businesses that have a nationally recognised, outstanding achievement. This includes achievements in sport or culture, those that support their local community nationally or someone who is nationally recognised as a leader in their profession or industry.

Eighteen stars in the form of pavement plaques have been installed so far, leading from The Bull Ring, down Westmoreland Street, Kirkgate and onto the end of the footbridge at The Hepworth, Wakefield.  

Wakefield Stars

  • Katherine Kelly - Actress
  • Dr Alister MacKenzie - Global Golf Course Architect
  • Anne O'Hare McCormick - Journailist and Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Stan Barstow - Writer
  • The Cribs - Indie Rock Band
  • Neil Fox - Rugby League
  • Noel Gay - Composer
  • John Godber - Playwright
  • Sir Martin Frobisher - Explorer
  • Barry Hoban - Professional Cyclist
  • John Harrison - Clockmaker
  • Barbara Hepworth - Sculptor
  • Jane McDonald - Entertainer
  • Henry Moore - Sculptor
  • David Topliss - Rugby League
  • Charles Waterton - Conservationist
  • Bill Nelson - Musician 
  • Coral M P (Kate) Taylor MBE - Historian and Author

Nomination Criteria for Wakefield Stars Scheme


  • Must be a past or current resident or business of the Wakefield District
  • Must have a nationally recognised outstanding achievement - this could be in sport, culture, supporting their local community or be nationally recognised as a leader within their profession or industry

It is also proposed that additional weighting be given to:

  • Individuals who are, or were, recognised as an ambassador for Wakefield district at a national level
  • Individuals who have spent a significant amount of their life residing within Wakefield district
  • Individuals or businesses whose work relates directly to the people, geography or heritage of Wakefield district
  • Individuals or businesses that have contributed to the wellbeing or aspirations of individuals or communities within the Wakefield district

Members of the public can nominate a person/organisation for a Wakefield Star.


Nominations for the Wakefield Stars scheme are currently closed. Details will be published online and in the local press when the scheme reopens in the future.

Selection process

The Wakefield Stars Board is made up from representatives from across the public, private and community sector, who select which nominees will be awarded a star in each round  of nominations.

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