Applying to hold an event

This page offers advice for:

  • A person or organisation planning an event on council land 
  • A person or organisation planning an event for the public
  • A person or organisation planning an event at a location where the event is not part of the usual business at that location - for example a public house hosting a beer festival

Guidance for all event organisers 

Our Safety Advisory Group can offer support and guidance for all event organisers. The SAG has written a guide for event organisers that explains how to go about planning your event.

The Health and Safety Executive produce detailed guidance on all aspects of event organisation.

The general guide for event organisers known as the Purple Guide, and a guide for sporting events known as the Green Guide, can both be downloaded for free.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service has produced some first aid recommendations, to help event organisers plan their first aid arrangements.

Applying to hold an event

If you are holding an event, please complete our online application form.

  • All applications must be submitted no less than two months before the event date
  • We need a risk assessment and site plan with your application. Please ensure your risk assessment has a review date
  • As an event organiser you must have current public liability cover for the event and it should be for at least five million pounds (possibly more for large commercial events)

Applications for markets or car boot sales should be made directly to the Speciality Markets Team.

Applications for Pontefract or Sandal castle should be made directly to the Castle Hire Team.

Events on Council land

For events being held on Council land, we charge a small administration fee of £44 for non-profit making events that are organised for fund raising like charities and sports clubs.

Commercial and profit making events are assessed individually and the charges vary, looking at the duration of the event, any extra facilities needed and how many people will be going to the event.

  • If your event is in Thornes Park, Clarence Park or Holmfield Park then you must use the plan provided (currently being updated)
  • If your event is to take place in Pontefract Park then you must use the plan provided.
  • No hooved animals (like horses, sheep or goats) will normally be allowed in Pontefract Park because there are strict rules and procedures about vaccinations to control the spread of disease. If hooved animals are to be an essential part of your event you must tell us as soon as possible to see if this can be included.

When we receive an application to use Council land, it is sent to different departments for approval and comments. When this has been received, a license may be issued. 

For further information about holding an event in the District, please contact us.

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