Over the last year we have been working with Historic England to protect the monument for current and future generations. As with all historic buildings work to conserve the ruins is an ongoing task.

Wakefield Council is committed to making the site safe for visitors and occasionally this means we need to close areas off whilst works take place.

Recent works

2018 - 2019

Phase1: 2018 - Spring 2019

Repairs to the bridges and walkways took place. Structural issues had meant that the bridges needed to be strengthened to make them safe to use.
Removal of saplings and vegetation that were damaging the stonework

Phase 2: Summer - Autumn 2019 

Carrying out repairs to the stonework including the addition of new stone, the replacement of failed mortar, the strengthening of the arches on the great hall and removing unwanted vegetation
Clearing out the debris down the wells and adding new grill covers

New benches have been installed on-site sponsored by local families remembering loved ones. A limited number of locations remain for additional benches. If you would like further information and costs, please contact

Future plans for 2019-2020 include the installation of new safety signage and interpretation on site.

Further updates on planned works will be published on our facebook page.

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