Police and Crime Commsissioner Election results 2016

Results after the second and final count

The successful candidate is Mark Burns-Williamson

Candidate's surname​Other name(s)DescriptionNumber of first votesNumber of second choice votesCombined total
of first and second choice votes
​Mark ​Labour Party​260,27135,543295,814
​Allan Joseph The Conservative Party Candidate119,33630,790150,126
Other candidates144,36759,574

Spoiled votes from second stage18,511

Results after the first count

Candidate’s surname

​Other Name(s)





​Labour Party



​Peter Allan Gilchrist

UK Independence Party (UKIP)



​Allan Joseph

The Conservative Party Candidate



​Barry Stewart

Liberal Democrats




English Democrats - "More Police - catching criminals!"

​​Spoiled votes​23,486
​ ​ ​ ​ ​Majority​140,935​ ​

Total turnout for West Yorkshire

ElectorateVerified Votes% Turnout
Turnout for Bradford340,906127,67937.45%
Turnout for Calderdale147,22054,49037.01%
Turnout for Kirklees303,747107,78535.49%
Turnout for Leeds538,012184,39734.27%
Turnout for Wakefield245,30973,37629.91%
West Yorkshire Police Area 1,575,194 547,727 34.77%

  • The total number of verified votes for the West Yorkshire Police Area was 547,727
  • The number of electors entitled to vote in West Yorkshire Police Area was 1,575,194
  • The turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner Election for the West Yorkshire Area was 34.77%

Note about voting system

Five candidates stood for election. The supplementary voting system was used and no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, so candidates apart from those in first and second place were eliminated.

The ballot papers showing a first preference for the eliminated candidates were checked for their second preference. Any second preference votes for the two remaining candidates were then added to the candidates’ first preference votes and the candidate with the most votes won.

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