Information for voters

Thursday, 12 December – a UK Parliamentary General Election in the three Constituencies managed by Wakefield Council.

One MP will be elected in each constituency.

Two wards of Wakefield Council form part of constituency administered by Leeds Council.  Stanley and Outwood East No 15 ward and Wrenthorpe and Outwood West No 21 ward form part of the Morley and Outwood constituency.

What is a general election?  

Find out more on the Voting Counts website.

Key dates

Candidate information – nominations closed at 4pm on Thursday, 14 November. To find out who’s standing for election in your area see the candidate page or view the list of candidates.

  • Registering to vote deadline – Tuesday, 26 November, midnight
  • Postal vote deadline – Tuesday, 26 November, 5pm 
  • Proxy vote deadline – Wednesday, 4 December, 5pm

You can download an application form for postal and proxy votes on or contact us on 01924 305023

  • Election day – Thursday, 12 December - Polling stations open between 7am and 10pm

Poll cards

Poll Cards will be issued to all registered electors from 16 November onwards - please check your cards carefully. They contain important notes about your polling station. If you have a postal or proxy vote you will still get poll cards detailing this. Your poll card will arrive before your postal voting pack. Postal voting packs will be issued from 25 November onwards.

Polling stations

Type your house number and address, or full post code into the address box on the Where I Live page to find your polling station. Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm.

Important information for postal voters

  • Return your postal vote as soon as you can – don’t leave it too late.  We need to receive it by 10pm on Election day
If you don’t receive it, or you make a mistake you may be able to ask for a replacement. Check your poll card for more details.

Delivery of postal voting papers begins on Tuesday, 26 November

  • Look out for the white envelope with purple edges. Keep it safe, don't leave it where someone else can pick it up.
  • If you lose it, or make a mistake, you may be able to ask for a replacement – contact us for more information.

How to complete your postal vote papers

Keep all of the papers for your vote together – don’t allow them to be mixed up with anyone else’s or they may be rejected.

Inside the envelope there will be:

  • 1 ballot paper.
  • a postal voting statement.
  • quick guide to postal voting.
  • a ballot paper envelope A.
  • return envelope B.

  • Please read through the quick guide to postal voting as there are detailed instructions explaining how to complete your paperwork.
  • Complete the security statement, write your date of birth where indicated and sign the form within the boxed area.
  • Mark a cross (x) in the box to the right of the candidate you want to vote for. Don’t let anyone see how you are voting. In this election you can vote for one candidate only.
  • Fold the ballot paper, place inside envelope A and seal.
  • Put the security statement and envelope A into envelope B.
  • Return all this to us without delay – the postage is pre-paid.
  • Make sure your vote gets to us by 10pm on election- day. You can hand your postal vote in at any polling station within the same constituency you haven't been able to post it on time.
  • You can hand deliver postal votes to County Hall, Wakefield up to 10pm on 12 December.

Contact us

Electoral Services
01924 305023