District Elections

On Thursday, 6 May 2021, District elections across all 21 wards for the Wakefield district will be taking place.

In 20 of the district’s wards, voters will be electing one district councillor.  In Ward 2 (Airedale and Ferry Fryston), voters will be electing two district councillors.

What are District Elections?

The Council is currently made up of 63 councillors with three councillors representing each of the 21 wards across the Wakefield district. 

How do I vote?

Your ballot paper will detail the candidates standing for election in your ward. The paper will advise you how many candidates you can vote for.  You will mark your chosen candidate(s) in the corresponding box(es), with a cross.

District Councillors are elected by the first past the post system, the candidate with the most votes is elected. Where there are two vacancies, the candidate with the second highest number of votes will also be elected, so that both seats are filled.

Information for Candidates

If you are interested in standing as a candidate in this election please visit the Information for Candidates section of this webpage.

Further Information

As we approach the election this page will be updated with the relevant statutory election notices and specific election information.

Contact us

Electoral Services Office

County Hall

01924 305023