About the Mayor

​​The Mayor is elected by the Council annually and serves for one year. The Mayor is recognised as the first citizen of the City of Wakefield District and alongside ​the Leader and the Cabinet, the Mayor promotes the Council and acts as a focal point for the community. The role of the Mayor of Council is a symbol of the authority, a symbol of an open society and an expression of social cohesion.

In our Constitution the Mayor has the following responsibilities:

  • to uphold and promote the purposes of the Constitution, and to interpret the Constitution when necessary;
  • to preside over meetings of the Council so that its business can be carried out efficiently and with regard to the rights of Councillors and the interests of the community;
  • to ensure that the Council meeting is a forum for the debate of matters of concern to the local community and the place at which members who are not on the executive are able to hold the executive to account;
  • to promote public involvement in the Council's activities;
  • to attend such civic and ceremonial functions as the Council and he/she determines appropriate​

Addressing t​​​he Mayor

The Mayor's full and proper title is 'The Right Worshipful the Mayor of the City of Wakefield Metropolitan District'.

Where the Mayor and  Mayoress are referred to jointly in a document the wording should be 'The Right Worshipful the Mayor of the City of Wakefield Metropolitan District and  Mayoress'

When meeting the Mayor;

  • The correct mode of address in speech is:  Mr Mayor and  Mayoress. It is essential for the Mayor to be met by a responsible person immediately on arrival and escorted to his/her proper position
  • The Mayor should be seated immediately on the right of the Chairman or other person presiding at an event. If it is desired to depart from this rule of precedence in favour of a distinguished guest the Mayor's Office must be consulted and the Mayor's consent obtained
  • The Mayor and Mayoress will normally be accompanied by a Macebearer/Chauffeur. It is their duty to attend to the Mayor and Mayoress and they do not attend as a guest of the organisation. It is not part of their duties to act as toastmaster or master of ceremonies at occasions attended by the Civic Heads

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