Councillor's Allowances


​​What can councillors claim?

Members are able to claim a number of basic allowances and other expenses in recognition of the duties they undertake in representing and serving the local community. The scheme is in accordance with the recommendations made by the Independent Remuneration Panel and in line with relevant legislation and guidance from the Joint Local Authority Association.

Basic Allowance

Basic allowance is the same for each Member and is intended to recognise the time devoted by all Members to their work in their representational and community leadership role, including such inevitable calls on their time as formal and informal meetings and visits in their wards with constituents and other local interest groups.

Basic Supplement

The basic supplement for Councillors is £707 to £804 on a stepped basis and is included in the Basic Allowance paid. It is paid in recognition of expenses incurred in carrying their duties within the Wakefield District. The expenses will be predominantly for travel, but also cover telephone calls and some expenses incurred in running an office at home.

Special Responsibility Allowance

Within the political management of the local authority, there are certain extra duties and responsibilities additional to those of a ward Councillor which a number of Members are required to undertake. The Council has decided that these extra duties and responsibilities should be recognised by the payment of a special responsibility allowance.

Other allowances include:-

  • other travel expenses,
  • subsistence,
  • a Mayor and Deputy Allowance.

We publish two documents:

  • allowances for the previous month
  • allowances for the previous financial year

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