Disabled Band Reductions

It may be possible to receive a reduction in your Council Tax bill if you or someone else living in your home needs:

  • A room used mainly by the person with the disability.
  • An extra kitchen or bathroom for the use of the person with the disability;
  • Extra space inside the home for wheelchair use.

Your bill may be reduced to the band immediately below the band shown for your property. For example, if your property is in band D, your bill would be reduced to that for a band C property. If your property is band A and you qualify for a Disabled Band Reduction, your bill will be reduced by one sixth of a Band A charge.

A reduction will only be granted if the feature is essential to, or of major importance for, the well-being of the disabled person. Once we have received your form, one of our officers will arrange to visit you and decide if the reduction should be granted.