Other types of relief

Transitional Relief

A transitional phasing scheme is in place following the revaluation in 2010. The scheme again limits the increases and reductions in Business Rate bills as a result of the revaluation. The scheme can be quite complex and an explanation of it in relation to your individual property can be provided by the Business Rate Section on request.

Any relief that you are entitled to will automatically be shown on your bill, you do not need to make an application.

Rate Relief for certain types of Rural Businesses

Certain businesses, for example village shops and post offices, public houses and petrol filling stations may be entitled to relief if they are the only such business in a qualifying area, and their Rateable Value is below a certain level.

Any relief that you are entitled to will automatically be awarded and shown on your bill.

Hardship Relief

Wakefield Council has discretion to give relief in special and exceptional circumstances, where it can be clearly demonstrated that the local Council Tax payers would suffer if it were not to do so.

For further information please contact the Business Rates office.

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