Register a death

​With our condolences…

When a family member or someone close to you dies, we know it is a very difficult time.

​Please note that there is a legal requirement to register a death within 5 days. To enable customers to get an appointment as quickly as possible, our online booking system will only allow you to book an appointment within two working days. If you have an exceptional circumstance and require an appointment over two working days away, please contact us on 0345 4 852 888. ​

We have a Registration Officer available each weekday at Pinderfields Hospital. An appointment to register at the Hospital can be arranged with the Bereavement Office for when you collect the medical cause of death certificate.

Alternatively you can make the appointment on-line as above or by contacting us on 0345 4 852 888.

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What documents will you need?

  • Medical certificate of the cause of death, signed by a doctor (unless the coroner is issuing the paperwork)

The registration cannot be completed without the medical certificate or, if applicable the Coroners paperwork.

Other helpful documents

Documents relating to the deceased;

  • Passport and/or Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Address, like a utility bill
  • Deed Poll (if applicable)
  • NHS Medical Card
  • Marriage and/or Civil Partnership Certificates – including any from previous relationships which are available

Documents relating to the person registering the death;

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Proof of Address i.e. utility bill

Please note that there is no legal requirement to produce these documents but if you do, they will help to ensure that the information is recorded correctly.


If you provide incorrect information a fee will apply to correct the registration. If the registration can be corrected at the Register Office the fee will be £75; if the correction has to be referred to the General Register Office the fee will be £90.

Emergency out-of-hours service

A service is available for anyone who needs to make urgent burial arrangements or requires documentation to remove a body out of England.

This service is available between 9am and 10am each Sunday and Bank Holiday and can be accessed by contacting our Contact Centre on 0345 8 506 506. Helpful information is provided in our out of hours emergency guidance for bereaved families leaflet.

Registering a still birth

We are here to help you through the legal requirements of registering your baby's details as smoothly as possible. All the information you require is provided in our registering a stillbirth document.

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