Organising an occasion as big as this, is very exciting. Every wedding ceremony is individual and special. Wakefield Registration and Celebratory Services hope that this information will give you all you need to start planning your special day, whether it is to take place in one of our Ceremony Rooms or at an Approved Venue.

Choosing a venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. In the Wakefield district your wedding can only take place at one of ‘Our Venues’ or at a venue approved by the Local Authority.

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If you wish to book a ceremony please ensure you have read the information provided in the link above. If you choose to continue with your booking for a ceremony you will need to book online. 

Bookings are not currently being taken by telephone

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If you wish to change the date, time or location of your ceremony please complete the booking form above.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - In the 'Relevant Information' section on the form you MUST type  'We would like to reschedule our ceremony booking from DD/MM/YYYY or time to the requested date or time above.

If you wish to change the location of your ceremony, after your notice has been given please contact us to discuss on 0345 4 852 888.

Celebrate… your way

Do you have your heart set on a wedding in a barn with hay bales, a tipi in the woods, a lakeside or in a private house or garden? Choose to celebrate your way with us, by having your legal ceremony at one of ‘Our Venues’ or another venue approved by the local authority followed by a celebration ceremony at the venue of your choice (subject to a satisfactory risk assessment).

Giving notice of marriage

In order to get married in England or Wales one of the parties to the marriage must have resided in either country. Before you can be married in England or Wales you must each give a notice of your intention to marry to the Superintendent Registrar in the District where you live.

Please see our page on Giving notice of marriage for full details.

Your wedding ceremony

Your provisional booking is confirmed when you have both given your notice of marriage.

The Registrar will provide you with our marriage guide. If you live outside of Wakefield we will send a marriage guide to you in the post when we receive confirmation that you have given notice of marriage at your local Register Office.

We provide you with many opportunities to enhance and personalise your ceremony so that it is unique to you. You can include personal vows, readings and music. You can share your story, how you met, your shared hopes and aspirations. You can also choose to combine sands, which symbolizes the two of you and your families joining together as one. If there is anything additional to this that you would like to include in your ceremony please contact us to discuss.

If at this point you would like to meet a dedicated member of our ceremonies team to discuss all aspects of your marriage ceremony you can book a bespoke ceremony meeting.

Your ceremony will be delivered by a qualified, experienced and dedicated Registrar.

Returning your Ceremony Arrangement Form and making payment

You have been provided with a copy of a ceremony guide which outlines the choices you need to make in advance of your ceremony.

If your  ceremony was scheduled to take place in 2020/21 but due to Covid-19 lockdown or government restrictions has been rescheduled to a date in 2021/22 after April you will not incur the revised fees and charges effective of 1 April 2021. Please telephone us to make payment and arrange to return your form by email.

You will receive an email confirming its receipt with a copy of the information you have completed and an email confirming payment. Alternatively the guide contains a detachable paper form at the back which you can complete and return, you would then need to contact us separately to make payment by telephone.

It is important that before you start the process of completing the online form you have the following information to hand;

  1. The form cannot be completed more than 10 weeks in advance of your ceremony.
  2. The form cannot be saved part way through, therefore you will need to have made decisions about your choices and have accompanying information to hand to attach, for example own vows or readings can be attached as a file document. It would be helpful to have your guide with you when completing the form. A copy of the guide is available above.
  3. You will need your card details ready to make payment at the end of the process

If you have any problems completing your form please contact the Ceremonies Co-ordinator by email at providing your contact number and we will call you to provide guidance.

Outdoor Structures

If your chosen venue has an approved outdoor structure and you would like your wedding ceremony to take place in there, the venue should provide you with a copy of an outdoor structure agreement form which must be completed and returned to us at least 8 weeks prior to your ceremony. If you require a copy please contact us immediately.

Please note that you should make additional plans with the venue to hold your ceremony in one of their approved ceremony rooms in case the weather is inclement on the day. The indoor ceremony room should be able to accomodate all of your invited guests.

Inclement weather is defined as rain (or the high likelihood of showers), wind, cold conditions (under 16 degrees), extremely hot and sunny and any other extreme conditions. Your guests need to be comfortable and be able to hear the ceremony, especially if you are under cover and they are not!

Your marriage in a religious building

If you are planning to be married in the Church of England you will need to speak to the person in charge at the church.

If you are planning to marry in any other church or religious building you will need to:

  • Make arrangements with the Minister or person in charge at the building
  • Live in the registration district where the church or religious building is situated, unless it is your usual place of worship (this applies to one or both of you)
  • Give notice of marriage to the Superintendent Registrar of the District in which you live

Some churches (not the Church of England) need the attendance of a registrar at the marriage, whilst some have their own registrar (an authorised person). Please speak to the Minister or person in charge to establish whether you will reqire a registrar to attend.

If you do need a registrar to attend your marriage ceremony at a religious building, you should contact us to check our availability as far in advance as possible.

Foreign nationals

If either of you is from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and subject to immigration control, you or your partner will need a visa to come to the UK to:

  • give notice
  • get married or form a civil partnership

More information

Getting married abroad

It is important that you consult with the local authorities in the country where you are planning to be married to find out what you need to do.

Some countries may require you to give notice of marriage to the Superintendent Registrar of the District in which you live please contact us for further information.

Urgent marriage (death bed wedding)

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