Dangerous trees and branches

We are responsible for managing trees in parks, golf courses, towns and city centres, and schools across the district.

Our aim is to preserve the trees in the Wakefield district, keeping them for future generations to enjoy.  

If you think a tree is dangerous or have seen a tree or branch that has fallen on council land, especially a highway or footpath, please report it immediately.

What you need to know

We need to maintain public safety. Although we maintain our trees to a very high standard, there are times when trees or branches become dangerous. This could be because of severe winds or traffic accidents.

Trees on private land that appear to be dangerous that could fall on roads or pavements also need to be reported.

Any other trees on private land are the responsibility of the owner. However, advice is available to private land owners by contacting the planning department.

You will need to tell us:

  • What type of issue the tree is causing
  • Where the tree is

General tree enquiry

If you wish to make a general tree enquiry, please fill in our online form, after which we will receive an application number. If you provide us with an email address an automated acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you. 

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