Environmental permits

​​​​​​​Certain industrial activities require a specialist permit either from ourselves or the Environment Agency because they present a risk of pollution to air, land or water.

Some of the more common industrial processes that require an Environmental Permit from us include:

  • Timber processing
  • Printing
  • Vehicle re-sprayers
  • Concrete product manufacturing
  • Bulk handling and storage of cement
  • Mobile crushers
  • Coal and other minerals processing
  • Petrol filling stations
  • Small waste oil burners
  • Dry cleaners

A full list of the processes which need a permit and whether this is issued by the Environment Agency or ourselves can be found in the Regulations.

Apply for an Environmental Permit

If the industrial process comes under our control and is in the Wakefield district and you will need to apply to us for a permit.  We recommend contacting us before you submit an application:

The application form required will depend on the type of process you operate and some of the more commonly used applications include:

The Environment Agency should be contacted for Environmental Permits which they issue. 

You can also apply on-line through the GOV.UK web-site: Get an Environmental Permit


There is a fee to pay when you first for apply for an Environmental Permit and a Subsistence Fee which is paid each year. The fees are set by central government and are designed to cover our administration and inspection costs.  The full list of Fees and Charges can be complex so please contact us for further advice on the correct fees to pay.


Our officers will carry out an inspection of installations that operate under a permit to make sure the best available technology and practices are being used to prevent pollution. The inspection will rate installations as high, medium or low according to the environmental damage that would occur if something went wrong and the way in which the activity is managed. Installations that are operated well, will benefit from reduced fees and less frequent inspections.

Further Guidance

Useful information and guidance can found on the DEFRA web-site.

Register of Permits in the Wakefield District

See the full list of Permitted Installations in the Wakefield Council district.

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