Recycling your Christmas waste

Santa says: "Recycle!"

We're dreaming of a GREEN Christmas…

Get on Santa's nice list by doing your festive recycling, reusing items (or passing them on to someone else) and reducing waste. Let's all sort it out this Christmas in the Wakefield district!

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Santa says: recycle. Cartoon Santa claus wearing christmas jumper 

What can be recycled?

Did you know we produce an extra 30% of waste over the festive period, and much of this does not get recycled?

One of the best ways to manage your waste over the festive period is to make use of your bins. Here's our guide to what common festive items should go into your brown bin:

  • Wrapping paper – do the scrunch test - if you can scrunch the paper up into a ball, then it can be recycled

  • Cardboard packaging – remember to remove all plastic before recycling
  • Christmas cards – these can be recycled as long as they're not glittery or musical cards
  • Empty glass jars and bottles – remember to rinse these out first and take the lids off
  • Foil and tin trays – these also need to be rinsed before recycling

For more information on what to do with your festive waste, see our handy three-step guide.

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Bin collections

Bin collections will run as usual over the festive period, except for those who have collections which fall on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

If you're expecting a collection during these days double-check your bin calendar, or have a look on the Where I Live page.

Christmas trees

Once Christmas is over and you're looking to get your house back in order, remember that you can take your trees to your local HWRC.

All real/natural trees and wreaths should be stripped of their decorations before being taken in.

Alternatively, if you have a tree with roots and have the space, you can plant it in your garden, keep it watered and dig it up for next year.

recycle your christmas tree. santa claus pulling old christmas tree on a sled

Pass It On

If you receive new clothes, toys, electrical items, furniture, or other household items this Christmas, but the older items they're replacing are still in good condition – remember to Pass It On.

This helps ensure that items which may be unwanted but are still in good condition can be saved from the scrapheap. Ways of passing items on include:

  • Donating items to local charities - such as British Heart Foundation, Barnardo's and Scope -  so they can sell them on and use the money to support people in need - some may even be able to collect your item

  • Taking your item to your local HWRC or arrange for a bulky collection of the item. Local charities will come and collect direct from the centres
  • Using Freecycle – this is an online listing website where you can place your unwanted items for members of the public to collect

For more information on this passing on unwanted items, visit our Pass it On page

Pass it on: santa claus giving old items to a charity chop 

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) - opening hours

Our recycling centres are open as normal over the festive period, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, when they will be closed.

There are centres in:

  • Glasshoughton, Flass Lane Castleford WF10 5JW
  • South Kirkby, Business Park Brigantian Way WF9 3TH
  • Wakefield, 8 Denby Dale Rd, Wakefield WF2 7AH

For more information on your local HWRC please visit Renewi's website

santa claus taking items to the household waste recycling centre (tip)

Bring Sites

There are over 30 Bring Sites in the district where you can take a range of items for recycling.
Most sites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the recycling Bring Sites is located in a residential area, please recycle between the hours of 8am and 10pm to minimise any noise disturbance.

Santa claus taking items to a bring site

Thank you to everyone who reduces, reuses and recycles in the Wakefield district. We'll let Santa know…

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