Allotment guidelines

​These guidelines outline what is expected from anyone who rents, or is thinking of renting plot from us.

As a plot holder you will need to respect your fellow plot holders. Tenants have a duty of care to each other and also to visitors to the allotment site.

An allotment requires commitment to maintain it to a reasonable standard. A plot holder's responsibilities, includes maintaining and cultivating the allotment, and keeping it weed free throughout the year.


Bonfires should only be lit when absolutely necessary and then in such a way as not to cause annoyance or danger to other plot holders, nearby residents or their properties. Only dry, garden material should be burned. Bonfires should never be left unattended.


You are expected to keep your allotment garden in a clean and tidy state of cultivation at all times of the year.


Under the allotment acts, allotment holders are allowed to keep some hens and rabbits, as an addition to their plot being used for gardening purposes.

This permission does not allow livestock to be kept in a way that is prejudicial to health or causes a nuisance.

In practise this will be limited to eight hens and/or eight rabbits.

No cockerels will be allowed to be kept at any time. Any plot holder found to be keeping cockerels may have their tenancy terminated immediately.

All other poultry, livestock and cultivated life forms (eg bees) can only be kept with the express consent in writing of the Council.

No livestock can be kept for commercial purposes.

Permission for large livestock (horses, pigs, cattle, goats, etc) will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Any permissions granted can be revoked with immediate effect.

All livestock must be kept to the satisfaction of the Council's Animal Welfare Officers.


Buildings on allotment sites

Building T​ype

Maxim​​​​um Size


8ft long x 7ft high to the ridge x 6ft wide


12ft long x 7ft high x 8ft wide


10ft long x 7ft high x 6ft wide

Pigeon Loft

12ft long x 7ft high x 6ft wide

  1. We recommended that you use a commercially-produced sectional building, which complies with approved planning design standards should be used. Alternatively, any proposed structure must comply with a similar standard and must be maintained in a good state of repair.

  2. Allotment buildings and bases should be temporary and of conventional design.

  3. No bricks, concrete or similar bonded materials should be used in making a building.

  4. The building shall be erected at least one metre from each plot boundary and should conform with any established building line. A wood or metal preservative is recommended.

  5. Sheds and Lofts should be supported at least 6 inches off the ground, to reduce possibility of rat infestation.

  6. A written request and a plan showing the proposed positioning of the building on the allotment plot must be submitted for approval to the Property Management section, before construction commences. Any permission received does not constitute Planning Approval. Separate permissions may be required from Planning and/or Building Control.

  7. Any permission given will be subject to review at any time determined by the Council, and shall be withdrawn should the building fall into disrepair or should the applicant vacate the plot.

  8. The applicant is responsible for the removal of the building and the restoration of the plot to its original condition, at the termination of the tenancy.

  9. No asbestos products should be used on allotment sites

Crime Prevention on Allotments

The council is currently working with the West Yorkshire Police in lowering Crime on its Allotments.

We are fully supportive of this initiative and the aims are to reduce incidences of theft, arson and anti-social behaviour, whilst also giving tenants access to crime prevention advice. See 'External Links' for the police website.

"Your information will be held securely in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.  From time to time the Council may share this information with other Council departments, Police and other Government Departments and statutory agencies where required by law and for a purpose of prevention and/or detection of crime and / or fraud.

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