Stop the drop... start a litter pick me up

You've told us that littering, fly tipping and dog poo are a concern in the Wakefield district and we agree with you.

We believe that if we could reduce environmental problems like these some of the money needed to clean up could be saved and spent on more important services.

That's why we've created this campaign to tackle litter and support volunteering, because little things really do make a big difference.

Click on the links below to find out how you can get involved:

The Great British Spring Clean

Once again we are giving our full support to Keep Britain Tidy's national Great British Spring Clean campaign.

This year, you’re invited to join the #MillionMileMission to clean up a million miles of streets, parks, footpaths, neighbourhoods and beaches.

What‘s good for our environment is good for our mental and physical health too – so why not start your very own #LitterPickMeUp as a small act that makes you and others feel good?

Whether you’re an individual, community group or school we can loan you the equipment you’ll need and collect your filled bags afterwards.

All you need to do is pledge your time on Keep Britain Tidy’s website and if you need free equipment or any support with your litter picks, please fill out the form relevant to your postcode. This is only available to Wakefield residents.

  • If you live in WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4 or WF5, use the form here
  • If you live in WF6 or WF7, use the form here
  • If you live in WF8, WF10, WF11, use the form here
  • If you live in WF9, use the form here

Stop the Drop

Each year we spend around £4.5M keeping our district clean and tidy including:

  • Keeping town centres clean
  • Cleaning main roads once a week
  • Patrolling other streets and roads on a regularly, collecting litter
  • Emptying litter bins before they are full
  • Clearing fly tipping
  • Enforcement action when sufficient evidence is available
  • Promoting litter and fly tipping campaigns

There's no excuse for dropping litter anywhere. We've recently seen an increase in litter in parks and green spaces across the Wakefield district. As well as looking horrible, litter can harm wildlife and spoils the environment. It costs time and money to clear up.

Our Stop the Drop campaign asks everyone to do the right thing – it's simple: use a bin or take your litter home with you.

Stop the Plop

Dog poo affects everyone, whether you're a dog owner or not.

It's unpleasant to see it in parks, on the pavement, and especially on your shoe!

Most dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dog, but there is few that fail to pick it up and give dogs and their owners a bad reputation. Remember to always carry a bag when you walk your dog, this can be placed in any public litter bin.

Start a litter pick me up - volunteer with us

Starting a litter pick me up can make us all feel better and make Wakefield a nicer place to live, work and visit!

It's important that everyone stays safe and follows current government guidance on social distancing.

It is currently possible to do a #LitterPickMeUp safely in groups of up to 30. Please read Keep Britain Tidy's helpful coronavirus guidance here before planning a litter pick.

If you’d like to volunteer in your area, we can provide you with litter picking equipment and collect your filled bags afterwards, please fill out the form relevant to your postcode (as seen in the Great British Spring Clean section at the top of the webpage). 

In 2020-21 561 volunteer litter picks were carried out, collecting 1,537 bags of litter. To be part of our network of amazing volunteers, hear about our campaign and new volunteering opportunities, sign up to our mailing list here.

Report a problem with litter, dog poo or bins

You can also help us by reporting litter and dog fouling or by telling us about any problems you see with litter or dog poo bins.