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What is the People’s Panel?

Run by Wakefield Council, the People's Panel is a group of residents who can take part in online surveys or polls and other face to face opportunities to help shape and improve council services. The panel will also get the opportunity to help us test out and develop new ideas.

Members of the People's Panel can decide how much or how little they want to get involved. It is completely up to individuals how many of the online surveys or polls they complete.

From time to time, there are also opportunities to be involved in other activities like focus groups so that we can get more detailed thoughts on a certain topic. We may even ask the People’s Panel to test things for us, such as new features on our council website.

There is no requirement for members to take part in everything – however their participation is always appreciated.

Who can join?

We are looking for Wakefield residents aged 18 years and over to join. No special experience or expertise is required – you just need to be willing and interested in sharing your views. We’d like the People’s Panel to reflect the diversity of the district and welcome people from all backgrounds.

If you need any more help on this please email:


How do I join in?

You can join the People's Panel by filling in the sign up survey. You need an email address or have access to an email address that you can use with the permission of ‘owner’.

How much time will I need to commit?

You can take part in as many surveys as you would like. From time to time there may also be the opportunity to take part in face-to-face focus groups, interviews, user testing, and workshops.

What do you need to know about me and why?

To ensure we understand the representation of the district’s residents, all panel members will be asked a range of demographic questions such as their age, gender, and postcode in the sign up survey. The questions are not compulsory, but it is very helpful for us to know this information if we are looking to ask a specific group of people to participate in certain surveys or activities.

What about my personal information?

All personal information will be held by Wakefield Council and will not be passed to other organisations in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, unless we are required to do so by law. Your information will only be used to contact you about participation. Any published survey results will be fully anonymised.

What if I want to leave the People's Panel?

Simply email us to let us know at and we will delete you from our database. We will remove all of your personal data from our People's Panel system and you will not be contacted to participate further. You can re-join the People's Panel at any time by emailing

How will I find out the results of the surveys?

We usually send the results of the previous survey or poll out with the invitation to the next survey or poll.

Do I get paid?

Members of the People's Panel will not be paid for completing surveys and polls. Some activities, such as focus groups, may offer attendees a voucher or similar to thank them for their time.

Is the People’s Panel the new way the Council is consulting with residents?

No. The People’s Panel is not a formal consultation process. It is an opportunity for residents to share their views to help us shape services or develop ideas. Formal or statutory consultation will still take place as required and sits outside the remit of the People’s Panel.

Can I join if I live outside Wakefield district?

No. The People’s Panel is only open to residents in the Wakefield district.

If you need any more help on this please email:

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