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Staying Safe

​Welcome back,

You will have many questions as we implement our recovery plan from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and re-start our services, re-open our towns and city centre and open spaces.

The recovery phase will put public health at the heart of all decisions taken. Minimising infection and supporting those most at risk remains our highest priority.

To stay alert, control the virus, and save lives, you must follow advice from the government, Public Health England (PHE) and the NHS.

We have been working hard to make things safe for your return in a number of areas. This webpage sets out the changes we have made and asks you to play your part by following our guidance.

Stick with six

From Monday 14 September new socialising rules come into effect. 

Remember to stick with six. 

No more than six people can meet up socially indoors or outdoors. That means in private homes and gardens, pubs and restaurants and outdoor spaces like parks. 

The ban is set out in law and will be enforced by police. Fines will be given out to individuals breaking the rules of £100 upwards. 

Gatherings of more than six people will be allowed: 

If your household or support bubble is larger than six. However, you cannot then meet others if the group totals more than six outside that household. 

If the gathering is for work or education purposes

For Covid-secure weddings and funerals

Covid-secure venues such as places of worship, gyms, restaurants and hospitality venues can still hold more than 6 people in total.

If it is a team sport that has been organised in a way that limits the spread of coronavirus. 


The police and other enforcement officers will be able to issue penalties for those that don't comply.

People in a group which refuses to disperse when told to by police could get a £100 penalty ticket (£50 if paid within 14 days). This doubles with every extra offence, rising to £3,200 for six or more offences. 

NHS Test and Trace

It is now mandatory for certain businesses and venues to ask one member of every party who accesses their services to provide their contact details through NHS Test and Trace, alongside collecting contact details of staff and visitors. This has so far been voluntary. 

These businesses include settings where people meet socially including hospitality, close contact and leisure venues. You must have a system to ensure that you can collect contact information for your customers, visitors and staff in place. Any designated business (including local authority services) that is found not to be compliant with these regulations will be subject to financial penalties. As before, data will need to be held for 21 days and provided to NHS Test and Trace if requested.

More information about Test and Trace can be found here

Working together, we can keep everyone safe.

This webpage will be updated as we work through our recovery phase.