Disability consultations

​We often receive requests for details of disability groups who may be consulted. This is usually because there is an application for funding from sources which make such consultation a requirement.

If the request is not for anything directly involving us, enquiries should be addressed to local groups specialising in particular disabilities or the local branches of national groups. You can search the internet for these, or start at Dial Wakefield or phone 01977 723933/34 for all enquiries.

Disabled People's Partnership

You could approach the DPP groups: there are six local groups who make up the Disabled People’s Partnership; they address issues at the local level (outside the home) but education and transport issues are covered at the District level too.

For more information, see the Facebook page or contact:

WANDS (Wakefield Authority’s Network for Disabled Staff)

We have an internal group for our own disability consultations: WANDS (Wakefield Authority’s Network for Disabled Staff) but they will carry out consultations elsewhere, including site inspections, if the matter is likely to involve disabled people who work for us, such as travel and transport in the District.

For further information contact;

  • Steve Brumby
    Project officer
    MHA/MCA Professional Support Team 
    Phone: 01924 303869
    Mobile: 07775 032399

Access Consultation

Advice on the designed environment can be obtained from the council’s access consultant, including any BS8878 matters, but this applies only where a project actively involves us.

For more information contact:

Consultation should take place well before any plans are put into operation, as the best work is done at the design stage to allow changes relating to disabled people to be planned from the beginning.