Removal of public payphones

British Telecom (BT) contacted the Council on 25 June 2020 to advise us they intend to remove a number of public payphones across the district, as their use has declined by over 90% in the last decade and there is 98% 3G or 4G coverage in the UK, to support emergency calls from mobile telephones.

There is now a 42 day consultation period from 25 June for any comments to be sent to the Council, in relation to these proposed removals.  BT has posted a 42 day consultation notice in the affected phone boxes.  A copy of the 42 Day Notice and the list of affected phone boxes can be downloaded here.  Where the affected phone box is a red ‘heritage’ phone box the local community can adopt this as a community asset for £1.  Further details of this are in the letter from BT.  

If you wish to make any comments about the proposed removal of any of these phone boxes please contact the Council, using the contact details below, before midnight on 31  July 2020.  After this date, the Council will make an initial decision on whether to object to the removal of any of the payphones and publish this for consultation for a further 30 days.  The Council must then send its final decision to BT by 18 September. 

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