Stats, facts and maps

Wakefield facts and figures

State of the District

The State of the District Report provides important facts and figures on the conditions and circumstances affecting people's lives in the Wakefield district. The report includes information about:

  • Population

  • Employment and skills

  • Housing and infrastructure

  • Health

  • Community safety

  • Environment and climate change

  • Culture and sport

For more information please contact the Council Intelligence Team on 01924 304447 or email  

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) web site is the result of an on-going process to identify the current and future health and wellbeing needs of the local population. This informs commissioning priorities that will help to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities across the district.

In addition to information on health and wellbeing, the JSNA now includes a broader range of other information about the District and its characteristics.  More information about the population has been added, along with statistics and charts about the economy, education and skills, housing, community safety, the environment, and more.

District-level information is supported by a set of ward area profiles.

If you require further information about the JSNA please email the Public Health Intelligence team at or (for District Characteristics) e-mail

Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Policy and Partnerships, Performance and Projects Service maintains the geographic information and mapping in a number of important Council computer systems. They also produce a wide range of maps to support spatial planning and analysis.

A number of frequently requested maps are available for download: