Publication scheme

It is a requirement under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for all public authorities to produce a Publication Scheme.

It is a requirement that publication scheme information should be easy for the authority and any individual to find and use. The circumstances under which an authority would not be required to make information routinely available are:

  • If the information is not held
  • If the information is exempt from disclosure ie personal data, commercial interest
  • The authority cannot easily access the information

Our obligations

We must:

  1. Provide hard copies of information where it is requested.
  2. Provide the information promptly and within 5 working days. If the information needs to be viewed in our premises, the requester should be contacted within 5 working days to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.
  3. Where a charge is made for the information, the requester should be notified of the charge before information is provided.
  4. Set up a complaints procedure which sets out how to make a complaint when information included in the Publication Scheme is not made available. For complaints in relation to the Publication Scheme, contact the Corporate Complaints Team.
  5. Set up a procedure for making sure that new documents covered by the Publication Scheme are made available and that any outdated documents are replaced.
  6. Review the guide and the operation of the scheme annually.

Classes of information to be included in the Publication Scheme

For ease of reference, there are seven prescribed classes of information that local authorities must make available.

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