Wakefield Overview and Scrutiny Management Board

Chair: Cllr Graham Isherwood

The Management Board will scrutinise, monitor and review:


  • Act as the general interface with the Cabinet for all Overview and Scrutiny issue.
  • Provide a strategic steer for the work of the four overview and scrutiny committees ensuring Council priorities are reflected in work programming and that scrutiny operates consistently and effectively.
  • Monitor and oversee the progress of all scrutiny activity and lead on the work planning process and in agreeing the Annual Work Programme will ensure that Council priorities are reflected.
  • Lead on the scrutiny of high level cross-cutting, District wide issues and co-ordinate, oversee and manage the performance of any ad-hoc cross cutting Working Groups.
  • Make reports and recommendations to Full Council, Cabinet or any ‘Other Body’ on matters which affect the District or its citizens.
  • Develop the external focus of overview and scrutiny on District wide issues through collaborative work with partners, providers, stakeholders and members of the public.
  • Monitor the progress made by the West Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) and its impact across the District.  The Board will invite Wakefield’s MCA scrutiny members to address the Board on regional scrutiny activities.
  • Approve the Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report, prior to its submission full Council.
  • Manage, develop and champion the Council’s overview and scrutiny function:
     - As a vehicle to provide constructive challenge, public accountability and improved outcomes               for the people of the Wakefield District;
     - As a forum to consider evidence and different views and opinions and respond to                                   public priorities;
     - To promote confidence and greater involvement in local democracy;
     - To consider requests for scrutiny reviews under the Councillor Call for Action, appoint members         to any Councillor Call for Action Scrutiny Panel, and to agree the terms of reference and all                   connected matters;
      - To periodically review and evaluate the effectiveness of the overview and scrutiny function and            make recommendations to Full Council and propose any changes to the Constitution as                        necessary.

Budget and Policy Framework Development and Review

  • Assist the Council and the Executive in the:-
        - development of the Budget and Policy Framework by in-depth analysis of policy issues;
        - development, implementation and review of strategic priorities and policy;
  • Review the impact on service delivery and outcomes for the people of the District;
  • Consider and respond to any proposals from the Executive as part of the development of the budget and policy framework;
  • Question members of Cabinet, Corporate Directors and Directors on their views on issues and proposals affecting the District;  
  • Liaise with other external organisations operating in the area, whether national, regional or local, to ensure that the interests of local people are enhanced by collaborative working.


  • Review and scrutinise;
       - The performance of the Council in relation to the delivery of its policy objectives and strategic              priorities as identified in the corporate plan. 
       - Performance targets including quarterly performance indicators, the performance of the                       Council’s directorates alongside any issues which have been escalated by exception.  
       - How outcomes, impact and value for money are being measured.
       - Any key or significant operational decisions that is to be or has been made by the Cabinet,                   Cabinet Member or Officer in any of the Boards functions as listed in the remit above.
  • Commission external scrutiny reviews.
  • Make recommendations to Cabinet and Council arising from the outcome of the scrutiny process including keeping Council Members abreast of the work being undertaken by the overview and scrutiny function.
  • Monitor the implementation of cabinet and Council recommendations.
  • Consider any new legislation, policy or national guidance related to the remit of the Board and the consequential impacts on the Council.
  • Review and scrutinise the performance of those joint authorities exercising functions on behalf of the Council including inviting those Elected Members serving on those bodies to address the Board.

Board Members


  • Councillor Graham Isherwood (Chair)
  • Councillor Annemarie Glover
  • Councillor David Jones
  • Councillor Betty Rhodes
  • Councillor Olivia Rowley
  • Councillor Ian Sanders
  • Councillor Tony Wallis

Minutes, agendas and future meetings

Our Meetings Database contains minutes, agendas and future meeting dates of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board and the Committees.

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