Parking restrictions proposed for Aberford Road

09/07/2018, PR8838

Parking restrictions to be put in force to tackle issues on Aberford Road
Parking restrictions to be put in force to tackle issues on Aberford Road

Plans to put new double and single yellow lines along sections of Aberford Road in Stanley have been announced to help resolve recent parking problems.

Cars are parking along a significant stretch of the road, and are obstructing pavements and driveways as well as causing a danger to other road users. The police are now having to patrol this area, on a daily basis, to deal with the illegal parking.

Cllr Matthew Morley, Cabinet Member for Transportation and Highways, who has been working with local councillors, confirmed that process to implement the new highway scheme is now underway.

Cllr Morley said: “The parking problems have got worse in this area recently and I have been listening to residents about their concerns.

“It is not acceptable for people to park as they have started doing on this road. It presents a danger to other road users and is causing for obstructions for people who live in that area. This is why we are taking action.

“There is a specific legal process we need to follow, which is likely to take a minimum of six months, however the police have confirmed that they will be continuing their daily patrols in area and will fine anyone caught parking illegally.

The scheme being proposed would see a mixture of double and single yellow lines along Aberford Road, as part of the legal process residents will get the opportunity to comment on the plans.

Cllr Morley added: “I am aware that there are also parking issues along Barnstone Vale and we are looking at how we can resolve this too.”

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