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Wakefield Council, working in partnership with Shanks Waste Management Ltd, teamed up with a local charity as part of its 'Pass It On' scheme - which encourages residents to  "pass on" their unwanted household items.

The Council is asking residents having a Spring clear out, to take their unwanted clothing, toys and electrical items to their local charity shop. They can also use 'freecycle websites' or take their items to their nearest household recycling centre, where they can be reused.

As part of the 'Pass it On' initiative, the Council and Shanks have recently forged a link with The Friends of Queens Park in Featherstone which runs the Re-Valued service.

Shanks staff initially identify items and then volunteers from the charity sort through the items taken to the district's recycling centres which can be re-used, and which they then sell, at low cost in their shop in Featherstone.

Martin Haytack from Featherstone has benefitted from the scheme. After a period of illness which led to unemployment and temporary homelessness, he was able to start again thanks to the charity. They were able to provide him with recycled items for his new home, including a bed, dining room table, cutlery, plates and electrical items.

Martin said: "It is unbelievable the difference this has made to me. Thanks to the charity and the recycling scheme, they have been brilliant.  I've been able to start again and furnish my new home. It means that I can put a difficult time in my life behind me and I've been able to start again."

Cllr Maureen Cummings Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities at Wakefield Council, said: "At this time of year many people are having a clear out, I'd like everyone to think carefully about donating items to their local charity, ortake items that they no longer need to one of our recycling centres so they can be re-used to help others.

"The link with Friends of Queens Park is one of many ways in which we are helping to reduce the number of items going into landfill, which is kinder to the environment and has the benefit of helping people too."

The Council also offers a collection service for larger items for a small fee. Some local charities will also collect larger items of furniture that are in good condition, check with them first.

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