World Mental Health Day marked in Wakefield



The clock at Wakefield Town Hall will be lit up in purple to mark World Mental Health Day on Monday October 10.

This year's World Mental Health Day has a theme of 'psychological first aid' and the support people can provide to those in distress. It can be in a global context of ensuring support is offered during a humanitarian crisis. Or, it can be a personal crisis which affects people more commonly in day to day life - from potentially losing a loved one, experiencing a serious physical illness and going through a stressful situation at work.

Cllr Jessica Carrington, Wakefield Council's Mental Health Champion, and deputy Cabinet Member for Adults and Health said: "Mental health conditions are incredibly common but can be invisible to others even though they affect one in four people of all ages, backgrounds and religions.

"Although there's growing awareness of these conditions, World Mental Health Day provides an opportunity to focus and highlight our determination to tackle stigma, promote fairness, openness and understanding to everyone who experiences this type of ill health."

Anyone who feels they are struggling with their own mental health or is concerned about a loved one should see their GP. Or  get help through the local talking therapy service