Shanks awards local schools with tablets to recognise recycling efforts

​Ref: PR 8360
Date: 3/10/2016

Shanks Waste Management Ltd ("Shanks"), working in partnership with Wakefield Council, has awarded 12 refurbished electronic tablets to local schools as part of a competition to promote the recycling of waste electrical items ("WEEE").

Enact Solutions theatre group ran interactive assembly sessions in local primary schools across Wakefield on behalf of Shanks to educate local school children on the importance of recycling, particularly electrical and electronic waste. Children were given stickers to put on their wheelie bins at home to indicate which WEEE items should not be put in there.

The sessions were also used to promote a separate WEEE waste collection day at each of the schools shortly after the workshop took place. On the collection day, parents were encouraged to bring any unwanted WEEE items into the school for collection by Shanks for onward recycling or reuse. The competition was a huge success with over 2.5 tonnes of WEEE waste collected ready for recycling. Stanley Grove Primary School, the winning school collected the most WEEE waste, collecting 137 items between 103 students.

Other winning schools included Bell Lane, Flushdyke, Three Lane Ends, Saint Thomas C of E, Oyster Park, Netherton, Stokingate, Carlton, Shay Lane, Grove Lea and North Featherstone.

Each of the 12 schools has received a refurbished tablet for the children to use in school. Cllr Maureen Cummings presented the prize to Stanley Grove School last week.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities, said: "Well done to all the children and schools for getting involved. It is important that this generation, who have grown up using a variety of gadgets, understand that electronic waste can be recycled, but please don't put the items you no longer need in your wheelie bins. Working items can be donated to charity. Unwanted items, whether working or not, can be taken to a household recycling centre."

Colin Fletcher, Contract Director for Shanks, said: "We are delighted to be able reward the top recycling schools with the refurbished tablets. The competition has been a great opportunity to educate local children on the importance of recycling and responsible disposal of WEEE. As a generation of gadget-users it is very important for schoolchildren to understand how to properly and responsibly recycle or dispose of these items once they reach the end of their life."

The campaign has been partially funded by a grant from the WEEE Improvement Fund.


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