Councillors to discuss the Education and Skills Strategic Plan


Ref : PR8348

Wakefield Council’s Cabinet is to discuss proposals on how to raise aspirations and achievements of residents to support growth in the district.

Senior Councillors will discuss the Education and Skills Strategic Plan at a Cabinet meeting next Tuesday, 27 September.

The Education and Skills Strategic Plan provides a clear set of priorities and actions to support people to make a positive contribution to the local economy.

Cllr Olivia Rowley, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “The Plan will support the Council, working with partners and the community, to boost economic growth in the district. It aims to provide opportunities for better jobs, better career progression and higher income for local people.

“The Plan will help to prepare children and young people in the district for education and work. It will also help to ensure that residents have the skills needed to work and that more Wakefield residents have higher skills.”

The priority and aims of Wakefield’s Education and Skills Strategic Plan will support and link directly to The Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Employment and Skills Plan - ‘Skilled people, better jobs’.

In July, the Wakefield Skills Summit - skills for our future - was attended by local public and private organisations across the education and business sectors. Four priority themes have been identified from the summit and these have been used to underpin the Strategic Plan. These are:

  • Children are school ready
  • Young people are job ready
  • All residents have skills for work
  • More Wakefield residents have higher skills.

Work on improving skills will be informed by conditions and opportunities arising from the wider policy and economic environment - locally, regionally and nationally.

The Plan is being discussed by Wakefield Council’s Cabinet on Tuesday 27 September.