Improvement scheme cuts queues at Town End junction


Ref: PR 8343

A major traffic improvement scheme has succeeded in reducing queuing times at Town End junction in Pontefract, a new survey has found.

Last year Wakefield Council made changes to the layout of the busy junction on the A645 by creating a new double roundabout and removing the existing traffic signals.

The aim was to cut traffic queues and delays on the approach to the junction and provide better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Council carried out traffic surveys in November 2014 and in February 2016, before and after the work was carried out, to assess the difference it had made. The results found in peak periods queuing times have fallen at each of the four roads which converge at Town End - and waiting times on some have more than halved.

Cllr Matthew Morley, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said: “I am very pleased that this improvement work has made a difference and is helping residents to move more efficiently through the district.”

The traffic surveys found the queue in the offside lane at Jubilee Way had halved for much of the busy afternoon period.

At Southgate the offside lane queue was five times shorter than in 2014.
At Mill Hill Road the queues have fallen from 800m to 100m in the morning peak, and from 800m to 400m during the late afternoon peak. At Wakefield Road queues had fallen from 200m to 50m.

The study also revealed that traffic volumes have risen by six percent between 2014 and 2016, with more than 30,000 vehicles now passing through the junction each day.

Air quality is also being assessed and is continuing to improve at the junction.