Councillors in Wakefield call for inquiry into policing at Orgreave

​PR 5005
16 July 2015

Wakefield Council has issued a strong call to the Government to investigate the conduct of South Yorkshire Police at Orgreave during the Miners’ Strike.

A unanimous vote followed a lengthy debate in which councillors spoke from their own experiences on picket lines at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire on June 18 1984 when striking miners were confronted by police on horses and in riot gear.

The debate was led by Cllr Ryan Case (Lab, Wakefield West) who was a one-year-old when his father was on the picket line at Orgreave but said the events of that day affected his whole family.

“The Battle of Orgreave was one of the most disturbing of battles. It was one in which those who were defending their livelihoods were attacked by the forces who were meant to protect society.

“So it was with disappointment that we heard from the Independent Police Complaints Commission last week that they would not be conducting an investigation into the actions of the police on that day.

“The Home Secretary has said she will welcome and review any calls for an investigation.

“I believe we owe it to the residents of this district who were affected by the events of that day to call on Theresa May to launch a formal investigation into the actions of police at the Battle of Orgreave.”

Council Leader Cllr Peter Box said “An injustice is an injustice, however long ago.  We should write not only to the Home Secretary but to other Yorkshire councils asking them to back our call because fighting for justice for the mineworkers at Orgreave is fighting for justice for us all.”